Walk Testimonials

Mindful Walking In Nature
USA, 2019

“This class was a wonderful experience. It taught me new ways of staying calm, seeing myself and others, the outdoors and the world.”
– Donna 

“Excellent. The Teacher is very informative and gives practical guidance in an easily understandable manner. He is personable and kind. I feel welcome and comfortable in this class “
– Linda

“The ‘Mindful Walking’ course was very useful and I would like to do it regularly to work on myself “
– Swati 

Mindful Walking In Nature
USA, 2018

“Really helpful and much enjoyed it! “
– Adrian 

“Excellent. It was great that the walk was guided during the entire session. I look forward to attending again.”
– Jean

“Felt completely relaxed in my body.”
– Ayxa

“This walking experience brought peace and loving awareness.”
– Carol

Mindful Walking In Nature
USA, 2017

“My first time and exceeded my expectations. I met people with similar interests in living happier, peacefully and in harmony with our surroundings. Highly recommend it”.
– Participant