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Mindful Walking Retreat 

“My first time and exceeded my expectations. I met people with similar interests in living happier, peacefully and in harmony with our surroundings. Highly recommend it”.

Summer Mindfulness Camp 

“Thank you for organizing such a great camp! Thank you for your hard work! The activities are very well organized. We enjoyed them very much!”.
– Elaine 

“Focus on one thing rather than dealing with life’s many busy activities. Very peaceful!”.
– Chau D.

“I learnt about being present in the moment and what I am supposed to do. I liked it a lot and I wanted to do it again”.
– Anusha S.

“Good variety of activities at the camp”.
– Rebekah

Meditation Retreat 

“Great retreat. I attended a few other retreats in the past, but the Teacher’s techniques in this retreat are simple and powerful”.
– M.V. 

“My overall experience has been very refreshing and rewarding. I am leaving with a deeper understanding of being mindful and practicing Mindfulness”.
– Tanu S. 

“It was a wonderful experience. It was helpful to relieve our stress and get ready for the week ahead. Helped me to be more mindful of others”.
– Vijaya G. 

“Felt calm during the meditation sessions. The retreat gave a good understanding of watching the breath and to be in the moment”.
– Neel K. 

 “Very Immersive”.
– Sankar R. 

“Completely Satisfied”.
– Harsha K. 

“I have made some personal growth, I believe, in my pursuit of meditative practice  and overall as a person through this retreat. Thank you”.
– Swathi. 

“I learnt that getting focus is very important before going deeper into meditation. And the clear explanation of different stages in meditation”.
– Kalpith R.  

“Very useful and effective. Timing and phasing is perfect”.
– Sunil K.  

Weekly Classes (Milpitas)

“This class has helped me to calm down in situations when I was distributed or when certain parts of the body were in pain. The overall experience of this practice is good in relieving bodily pains.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class.

“Extremely positive, got lots of insights after attending this class. Learned the theory and practice of Mindfulness. Very helpful in dealing with problems in real life. ”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class.

“Really loved this class. Great relief from hectic life. Teacher is excellent in teaching and guiding the students.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class. 

“Very good feeling at the end of each class and a always benefited from the class.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class.

“The class is very good. The instructor gives good examples while teaching. I had experienced a lot of things in this class. Before attending this class, I didn’t do any meditation, but now I am able to practice meditation. It is very helpful. ”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class.

“The overall experience has been good. The class has helped me better understand the principles of Mindfulness. ”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class.

Weekly Classes (Union City)

“Thank you for teaching me Meditation. You made Meditation fun.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class. 

“Thank you so much for teaching me to be mindful and more more peaceful. I used to judge food more than now. The way you teach helps me focus and be mindful. I feel like this will help me later on in my life.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class. 

“Thank you for teaching us Meditation and helping us focus on what really is important. I will admit that at first I wasn’t excited, but when you started teaching you made the class fun and engaging. Soon I began to enjoy it!

Walking Meditation was especially fun. Thank you for teaching me to focus and be Mindful.
– Student, Summer 2017 Class. 

“Thank you for teaching us how to relax and Meditate. I really enjoyed the various combinations of Meditation practices.

You are a very wise teacher and I hope in the future everyone will know your teachings.”
– Student, Summer 2017 Class. 

Weekly Classes (Milpitas)

“Wonderful experience and very informative classes”.
– Student, Spring 2017 Classes for Adults.

“A Class that is well tailored to suit the kids of this generation. The Instructor demonstrated required patience with kids that encourages them to learn from seeing. Classes are well organized with advance information and feedback”.
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids.

“This class is very helpful both for the Kids and Adults. Help to focus on the activities that you are doing at the moment and to reduce stress.
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“Though my kid is only five years old, she is very disturbed at home. Not able to sit quietly for few minutes or not focusing on anything she does for more than a few minutes. This course helped her to remain calm and focused. We could see the difference in her. ”
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“I think it’s a great introduction to Mindfulness for my 8 years old. Thanks for sharing with us your experience in the last class. I’ll try to sit with my son to practice along with him to make his practice better.”
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“I am very happy with the Class. Our children learnt and practice daily meditation and keeping focus on the activities they do”.
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“It gave me some new ideas on where I can bring in the application of Mindfulness in my kids daily activities. Thank you for bringing in a very nice program to our community.”
– Parent, Summer 2017 Classes for Kids. 

 “Kids learnt an important skill which helps them in their life”.
– Parent, Spring 2017 Classes for Kids.

“It’s good that we kick-started the meditation practice at home with this course. It is highly motivating. Overall we are happy with the classes.”
– Parent, Spring 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“It was very nice to have a practice journal for the students, that lists out all the small daily activities that can be done mindfully. We have started asking our kid, “Are you brushing your teeth mindfully?”.
– Parent, Spring 2017 Classes for Kids. 

“It was a very good class. I did see many good changes in my kids”.
– Parent, Spring 2017 Classes for Kids.