“I am able to have better focus, calm and less stressed. This helps to keep my health better and able to handle situations in a better way.”
– Varsha 

“I’m happy to get this opportunity to know the ‘self’ and bring peace and tranquility within.”
– Gurinder

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“I have realized it again (I attended last year as well) that when I seek something intentionally, I am shifted towards the right path. I am grateful for getting this opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation with Guruji.”
– Tanu

“It was wonderful experience. I liked that Mindfulness every moment which is for me is new way of thinking. Hoping this would take new way in the life. Thank you very much.”
– Participant

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“This class was a wonderful experience. It taught me new ways of staying calm, seeing myself and others, the outdoors and the world.”
– Donna 

“Excellent. The Teacher is very informative and gives practical guidance in an easily understandable manner. He is personable and kind. I feel welcome and comfortable in this class “
– Linda

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“I liked the course and thought that it gave a great example of Mindfulness and its application. The activities were well structured and thought of, and the speaker was very welcoming and conveyed the information well.”
– Sachin

“This course made me aware of why I feel stressed. I also learned how to reduce the thoughts that enter my mind. The exercises allowed me to experience the effects of Mindfulness.”
– Participant

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