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Workshop Testimonials

Effects of Mindfulness on the Brain
(Bay Area SFN Youth, 2019)

“I liked the course and thought that it gave a great example of Mindfulness and its application. The activities were well structured and thought of, and the speaker was very welcoming and conveyed the information well.”
– Sachin

“This course made me aware of why I feel stressed. I also learned how to reduce the thoughts that enter my mind. The exercises allowed me to experience the effects of Mindfulness.”
– Participant

“This course had great structure and direction. Got to learn interesting insights. It was very calming during and after the course.
– Isabella

“I enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot about being mindful about myself. Also, I enjoyed that the course had a hands-on experience. This really helped me connect with what was said”
– Participant

“It was interesting to hear about Mindfulness. I felt much better with the second round of meditation. I will probably look into it more later”
– Rishab

“It was very peaceful and informative. It has opened my eyes to a more holistic and less textbook-oriented aspect of neuroscience.”
– Participant

“I thought your interpretation and approach to Mindfulness is very interesting and your approach to teaching it was very helpful.”
– Diana

“Became more calm and less stressed by the end of the course.”
– Participant

“I really enjoyed the different exercises that we did. They were really effective in bringing Mindfulness to me.”
– Participant

“Very Calming. Going into the course, I wasn’t expecting much, but you changed my mindset.”
– Diana

“It is very educational and inspiring.”
– Participant

“Very Good. The activities were very helpful.”
– Participant

Summer Mindfulness Camp, 2017

“Thank you for organizing such a great camp! Thank you for your hard work! The activities are very well organized. We enjoyed them very much!”.
– Elaine 

“Focus on one thing rather than dealing with life’s many busy activities. Very peaceful!”.
– Chau

“I learnt about being present in the moment and what I am supposed to do. I liked it a lot and I wanted to do it again”.
– Anu

“Good variety of activities at the camp”.
– Rebekah