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A Ship in the Harbor

A Ship in the Harbor is safe, but that is not what Ships are for

I considered this quote for a moment.

A ship is built to sail the seas. To live through the corrosive power of the sea water. To brave the high-winds. To be lost, sometimes.

To rejoice, when spotting the guide light from the light house.

Struggles. Risk. Fatigue.

Can the Ship avoid all this?

You can sit quietly in the harbor. Enjoying the breeze and sun-sets. With lazy sea-gulls giving you company.

But, what is the purpose of a Ship?

Am I here to float near the docks, only to rot? Am I here to complain the impact of the salt water to my bellies?


I am built to Sail.

I am built to face the winds of the Seas.

I am built to live through Thunders.

I am born to live.

But how can I cut through the turbulence of the Seas?

Where are my anchors?

Open your eyes and see your anchors. They are always there.


What turbulence?